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Swifteam has 2 kinds of Apps for Slack integrations:

  1. Slack access management:

    1. The purpose of Slack access management integration is to

      1. Automatically create new accounts.

      2. Suspend accounts and restrict access.

  2. Slack connect:

    1. The purpose of Slack connect integration is to

      1. Post messages in approved channels to notify you about employee activities.

      2. Employee request device purchase and app assessment

      3. Admins receive device purchase and app assessment requests

To connect, you can follow these steps to set up the integration with Slack:

  1. Click the Slack connect or Slack access management to view the detailed integration

  2. Click 'Connect' to start the integration

  3. Enter Slack account with account permission on the Slack auth page

  4. After the authentication, you will be redirected back to Swifteam to finish the connection.

  5. Once the integration is connected, we will be able to post messages or manage access for you.

To disconnect, you can follow these steps to disconnect the App for Slack:

  1. Find the Slack connect or access management integration

  2. Click 'Disconnect' to disable the integration.

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